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About Us

We have been designing platforms for villages for years and selling them for the past few years. I (Wendie) have been designing village scenes since I was a teen-ager and my mother got her first few houses. We started out with Department 56 Dickens Village and it has grown from there. Over the years it has grown into a very fun hobby. Now I collect a little bit from all villages such as Lemax Spooky Town, Snow Village, North Pole, Dickens, Heritage, Christmas in the City and have buildings and figures from miscellaneous other village collections as well.

Zach has been designing village displays for years with his family and now with my family and has also been selling and custom designing platforms for village display scenes for the past few years as well.

We specialize in village platforms for Department 56 Snow Village, Dickens, Heritage, Christmas in the City, North Pole and Lemax Christmas and Spooky Town villages but most of our designs also work well with others such as the Hawthorne collection, Dickensville, and many more.

We love to make platforms for all seasons. Most of the designs we do for Halloween can be used for Christmas as well. If you sprinkle snow in areas then you can use if for Christmas villages as well.


Boowood Village Display Platform

Boowood Village Display Platform Base

Black Lagoon Display Platform

Some examples of the village display platform bases to accentuate fun in your village.



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